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Google CTF 2019 // #01 Enter Space-Time Coordinates

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Google CTF 2019 // #01 Enter Space-Time Coordinates

Ok well done. The console is on. It’s asking for coordinates. Beating heavily on the console yields little results, but the only time anything changes on your display is when you put in numbers.. So what numbers are you going to go for? You see the starship’s logs, but is there a manual? Or should you just keep beating the console?

Downloading the attachment yields two files.

  • log.txt [247B]
  • rand2 [8.6KB]

The log.txt has a bunch of coordinates attached to it.

0: AC+79 3888{6652492084280_198129318435598}
1: Pliamas Sos{276116074108949_243544040631356}
2: Ophiuchus{11230026071572_273089684340955}
3: Pax Memor -ne4456 Hi Pro{21455190336714_219250247519817}
4: Camion Gyrin{235962764372832_269519420054142}

Doing a quick file rand2 will tell us its an ELF application.

Since this is a beginner’s quest, I didn’t bothered to run the application at all and just did a strings rand2 instead, which outputs the following.

And there we have it.

Arrived at the flag. Congrats, your flag is: CTF{welcome_to_googlectf}

We have successfully retrieved the flag this round.

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