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PLEX // How to Join

What is Plex

Plex is a self-hosted video streaming app that allows people to host their own Netflix-clone. Plex also allows you to join multiple different Plex installations to combine your media library. Each of these library contains movies and TV programmes that the host of the library adds to their physical hard drives running the app.

The speed of buffering will be dependant on the internet speed of the host.

1. Go to https://plex.maya329.com.

2. You will be redirected to a login page with the https://app.plex.tv/ URL.

3. Choose “Continue with Google” or the “Continue with Email” option, and login / sign up for your account using the email you provided me with.

4. Once done, you should be redirected to the Plex Home Screen.

5. Click on the settings icon at the top right corner of the page

6. Select Manage Library Access

7. Find the Invitation received section and click the Checkmark after verifying the the invitation is from Maya.

8. Click the Home Icon to go to the Home Screen of Plex

9. Plex has their own libraries and content, while it’s a nice bonus it is easy to confuse a Plex Library with a custom curated one that has been shared to you

10. Find the hidden Ellipse next to the item you wish to Unpin. (I remove all Plex’s items seen in the screenshot)

11. Click on the More button at the bottom.

12. Locate the Maya Plex shared library, and pin Films and TV Programmes.

13. Click on the home button again and you should see your home screen looking like below:

14. Proceed to set up the recommended configurations and you are now ready to enjoy the services.